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Ground Nero at Porta Nigra XIV - Waves from Belgium.

We had a pleasant gig at Porta Nigra last Saturday Night, and would like to thank the great audience, the venue staff: Management, Catering, and the Sound Team and everyone, who helped to make this happen. We also got some magnificent pics by Luc Luyten / Who Cares and some great reviews from the specialized press as well:

“I know, they hand them out for free every now and then, but checking the number of T-shirts worn by the audience, Ground Nero, this evening is probably the most popular band. And…they brought some new work with them, from their EP “SCALES”, which will be released by the German Danse Macabre Records very soon now. I expect them to reach high rankings in Germany, as the new EP contains 4 magnificent songs. For Ground Nero, it’s all about creating the total darkness: After the gloomy intro, the singer, Gwijde ascends the stage, and then…it’s as dark as it gets: shrieking guitars, hammering beats and the sinister graveyard voice of Gwijde…”

By Xavier Kruth / Dark Entries Magazine:

“No need to mention any longer that the guys from Ground Nero are excellent! The voice of Gwijde the First, risen from the vault, charismatically ascending the stage, combined with the guitars by Nomad (wearing a black kilt, most probably in the way it was originally meant…) and the stoic Peter Philtjens (bass) played a rock-solid set. The new songs of “SCALES” were very much liked by the audience…Plethora!”

By Nel Mertens / Luminous Dash Magazine :

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